Lakshmi Pregnancy Dosage Essences

Lakshmi Pregnancy Dosage Essences


Growing a child inside your body is truly a magical experience. It is humbling and beautiful, random strangers will tell you that you're glowing and think you're cute and your friends and loved ones may be unable to hide their love and excitement for you.

Some women have relatively easy pregnancies and for others it's really tough.

Most women who are, or have been pregnant see the magic of growing a life, but the physical, every-day reality of actually being pregnant can feel anything but magical.

When you feel happy and calm, it allows your baby to develop in a happy, calm environment. However, emotions like stress and anxiety can increase particular hormones in your body, which can affect your baby’s developing body and brain.

Lakshmi Pregnancy Essences are to assist the mother to emotionally meet the physical, emotional and mental challenges that can arise during this life changing event.

They are to assist strengthen, stabilise and balance a women and her growing baby for the duration of the entire pregnancy.

Guidance: Take 7 drops twice a day for the duration of pregnancy.

Size 30ml 

Ingredients: All organic, vegan and cruelty free ingredients of flower essences, liquid crystal and gem Essences, purified water and a small amount of organic brandy as a preservative. Reiki energy, love and intention. 

All ingredients are safe for pregnancy, breastfeeding, infants, adults and animals. 

Please note:

The ideas and suggestions identified here are not intended in any way as a substitute for qualified medical advice. Consult a qualified medical practitioner in person for your health problems.
Vibrational Essences do not replace qualified medical assistance or medication required. If you have a physical illness or disease, they will complement and help that treatment on subtle body levels.