How to begin to move from Fear to Thriving?

There is a theme of fear and how it impacts on out lives and our world at this time. 

Some fears are necessary within life in the physical plane. Fear of heights, snakes, or even the ocean. These real fears serve an important purpose, which is to keep you safe. Our ancestors relied on the warning system of fright to protect them from falling off a cliff, getting bitten by a poisonous snake, or drowning / a slow death lost on the open ocean. Your brain continues to use thousands of years of programmed fear to shield your body from harm.

Fear of inadequacy, of failure, of being unloveable and so on, these sorts of fears burrow into your psyche and can even preventing you from living your best life, a life full of positive relationships and experiences. These psychological fears are unnecessary. The only purpose they serve is to damage your chances of living a life of abundance.

These fears also wear many masks you need to watch for, including anxiety, worry, envy, jealousy, depression, and embarrassment, even bullying can come from a base of fear. The good old Universe can be used to blame or camouflage our fears, as in, “I’ve had several bad dating experiences in a row, so it must be a sign from the universe I’m not meant to find love,” when really you’re afraid of vulnerability.
We are masters at trying to use logic to explain or make excuses for our fears, we know we want to be, or do things differently, we learn the skills needed but then find every excuse or logical reason why it just won’t work out, or why we can’t make it, when in fact, we are scared of being vulnerable and putting ourself out there to go for what we want.

Fears and our coping mechanisms take years to become buried in our mind and heart but with time there are ways to address and clear them, here are five ways you can begin to move out of fear.

Acknowledge The Fears

The first step is always awareness, acknowledging your fears honestly to yourself and without judgement and letting that self critic add to the fear.

Become an Explorer

Dig deep into yourself, where did this fear come from? Often it’s an experience in childhood perhaps when we were met with disappointment or outright disapproval when we had tried our best and this left us feeling our best is not good enough and now our fear of failure leaves us struggling to even get started, because if we don’t start we can’t fail.

Manage Stress

Stress weakens the human body on many levels, leaving us vulnerable to slipping in and wallowing in our fears. When stressed it’s like an open invitation for fear to enter and we can feel that exhaustion and strain in our mind and body. Our energy field and chakras are especially susceptible to fear’s draining energy and can become blocked. Meditation is one of the best ways to manage our stress, we will notice with regular meditation practice that overall we feel lighter, clearer and those pesky fear based responses and feelings lessen.
Another suggestion would be to find a physical activity that brings you joy and start there, for some ot will be high impact and high energy because that’s what brings their body joy and balance and for others a relaxing walk in nature is enough.

Exercise, especially exercise that encourages mind body connection such as tai chi, qi gong, pilates and yoga, also go a long way in lowering your stress levels and keeping you protected from the constant fight-or-flight response produced by psychological fears.

Express it

Being able to express our fears helps to release the grip they have on our psyche and we regain the power and energy back that they take from us.
Seeing a counsellor, practitioner, religious counsellor or the simple act of journaling is a wonderful way to release negativity and those stuck emotions. Journaling in particular allows the fear based pieces of ourselves and our memories to be exposed to the light so they can start to heal and shift.
Whatever you decide is best for you, speaking or writing our fears aloud frees them from our mind and leaves room for peace.


Love is the greatest power in the universe, and the best weapon against fear. Work on bringing more love into your life by spending more time with friends and family, volunteering for those less fortunate than yourself, and basking in the unconditional adoration of your pets. Connection to other living beings can alleviate feelings of isolation and improve the frequency and quality of love in your life. Don’t forget to practice self-love. If that suggestions leaves you feeling like you cringe, don’t fear, you are not alone, start small and acknowledge that even being aware this makes you feel unsettled is even more reason you need to show yourself some love but also feel good that you are so aware that you can bravely acknowledge it to yourself.

Whatever form your fear takes, love is the one thing that will truly conquer it. We will cover more about Love and Fear in future blogs.

Wishing you all an abundant day.