Lakshmi Yoni Oil

Lakshmi Yoni Oil

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Lakshmi Yoni Oil designed your honour the sacred part of you. Our yoni oil is a blend of food safe, organic and steam distilled herbal oils, that aid in feminine health.

Currently this is only available in 30ml amber glass dropper bottle and we will assess if there is the need for a larger bottle in future. 

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for vagina, and it translates to “a sacred space.”

A yoni massage approaches the vagina as a revered part of the body, worthy of respect and honour.

Lisa Maimon, founder and teacher of Somananda Tantric School explains, that the yoni is a powerhouse the home where a very potent and powerful, latent energy dwells. Because most modern-day women are unfamiliar with tantric practices, this energy lays dormant and stagnant as mere untapped potential.

Our yoni is also a storehouse. Stress, emotions, fear, worry, hardships, and traumas tend to accumulate at the level of the yoni in women. Due to its internal structure, women tend to internalize much of their outer world in their inner world, their yoni-verse. It should come as no surprise that eventually, such heavy factors layer up in the yoni, causing impediments to pleasure and the full experience of energy – blockages – and other common female health issues.

Women should also not ignore their yoni because, simply, it is their pleasure and healing center. However, in order to access this domain, one must first tap into the yoni’s inherent energy and heal the aforementioned blockages.

In modern times everyone has blockages. They are equally prevalent in men as in women. However, for women, blockages tend to accumulate more often than not in the yoni.

The healing associated with Yoni massage are multidimensional and far-reaching. So, while the aims of Tantric Yoni Massage lie in the healing and spiritual realms, the benefits extend into every single aspect of a woman’s life and can transform her sexually, emotionally, mentally, and energetically as well.

It’s important that you go into the practice with an open mind and heart. Leave behind any judgments or preconceived ideas of what you will experience.

The ultimate goal is to feel comfortable in your own skin and more in tune with your body.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Hemp Oil, Aloe Vera Oil, Rosehip Oil, Vitamin E, Copaiba,  Peppermint oil, Tea Tree Oil, Oregano Oil and Geranium Oil.