About Us & FAQ


Magically and Expertly Handcrafted

Crafting our products is a very magical and guided process with most ingredients being channelled while in a meditative state. 

Each of our Lakshmi products are made at intentional times, with moon cycles and with love and intention.

While some consider Lakshmi Lips products to have magical qualities, it is the magical vibrational medicines combined with our training and experience that assures that items do not contain personal energy, objectionable, or unintended vibrational qualities.

Medical Note
No one working for Lakshmi Lips is qualified to diagnosis or treat medical conditions and we do not claim to.
We highly recommend that you see a qualified medical practitioner for any health-related advice or treatment.

Ethically Sourced Products

We are committed to reducing the strain on our Mother Earth by sourcing local, chemical-free, organic and ethically wildcrafted vegan items in our handcrafted products.

Our intention is that all our packaging can be reused or recycled and even the packaging paper we use is post-consumed.


What are Flower Essences?

Flower essences are the least invasive form of subtle body medicine that interact with whatever negative emotions a person is experiencing to gently and safely bring them back into a positive state. They are made by infusing the flower’s energetic signature into spring water. Flower essences are based on the energy field of the plant. Each flower has profound wisdom. It imparts that wisdom into the flower essences that we in turn benefit from.


What are The Liquid Crystal Essences?

The liquid crystals are not orthodox medical drugs or medicine. They are a holistic healing method, that works on the Spiritual, Mental and Emotional to create balance and thus health. They are a powerful tool of change on all levels of being, aiding in ones healing processes.They are brought into existence by capturing the energetic healing qualities from around a crystal and then replicating the internal geometry within the stone to continue to give it life as a liquid, which can be safely taken into the body.

The Liquid crystals are created via Pleaidian liquid light technology, ancient Lemurian and Atlantian processes, applied Sacred Geometry and the laws of Alchemy utilizing Planetary, Solar, Luna and Universal energy. They are a form of energy medicine with out any physical substance actually remaining in the dose bottle.


Are Flower Essences the same as Essential Oils?

Flower essences are not essential oils. They differ from essential oils in that the flower essences contain no physical part of the plant. As such, they contain no scent, inherent taste, allergens etc. For example, a person who is allergic to Mariposa Lily can safely ingest the Mariposa Lily flower essence without experiencing any allergic reaction.

Are there any side effects of taking Lakshmi Dosage Essences?

As Vibrational Medicines flower essences, crystal and gem essences do not produce any physical side effects. These vibrational medicines are often referred to as ‘liquid awareness’. The  awareness of how our held emotions are impacting on our health, our relationships or others can sometimes temporarily cause emotional discomfort. This is called a healing crisis. Healing crisis’ indicate that the energetic body is working quickly to bring itself into a state of equilibrium. In fact, it is working so quickly that it may result in a person feeling fatigued or otherwise uncomfortable.
Think of the first time you work out after not having worked out in ages. Your muscles might hurt the first few days, but that passes. Healing crisis’ are not common and usually pass within the first week if they occur at all. Should you feel you are experiencing a healing crisis please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance. Should you be waiting for a reply we would suggest you stop taking your dosage essences to allow the body time to process at a speed that eases this emotional discomfort.

Are Lakshmi Dosage Essences safe to take with other medications?

The Flower essences and liquid Crystals and gems are a refined energetic remedy that targets holistic healing via the embrace of the Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. However, you should always speak to your healthcare practitioner before introducing any new drug or supplement into your daily regime, especially if you are taking any other medicines or have a medical condition. Lakshmi Dosage Essences do contain a small amount of Brandy alcohol to preserve the essences from spoiling. Alcohol can interfere with some medications and in this case or as a personal preference the dosage essences can be made without Brandy alcohol, but please note dosage essences without the brandy alcohol will need to be used within a month of opening. 

Are Lakshmi Dosage essences safe to use with children and animals?

Yes!! Children and animals respond very well to flower essences, crystals and gem essences. In fact there are many theories on why they often respond faster than adult humans, personally i feel this is because they are less resistant to change and don't overthink or over analyse the process.

How do i select the right Lakshmi product for me?

Read through the product descriptions and chose the blend you feel drawn to or that suits you best. The best part about vibrational medicines is that there are NO wrong choices, even if you identify with parts of the description and not all, that could be a beneficial blend for you. 

Which should i choose? Dosage Essence? Emotional Support Mist? or Bath / shower products?

 There are no wrong choices it really is a personal preference.  

In terms of the healing benefits we would suggest a dosage essence as you are taking it directly into the body. However, if you feel more drawn to a pleasant scent or feel it would be easier for a child to tolerate their room being misted then this is the best option for you. Bathing and Shower products contain the addition of magnesium salts for relaxation. 

As you can see each option has its own unique benefit and you can also enjoy all of them at the same time, should you feel drawn to.

Do Lakshmi Emotional Support Mists, Dosage Essences and bathing products all work the same way?

 The dosage essences are a more direct way of receiving the vibrational effects of the flower, crystal and gem essences, their effect is also felt faster due to immediate absorption into the body.

Whereas our Lakshmi energy mist add another layer to the vibrational medicine. The addition of essential oils in our spritz bring the benefit of effecting the sense of smell which stimulates or soothes brain activity. The mists will also impact on others and the energy of the surrounding room or space.

Lakshmi Bath Bombs and Bathing Salts take the benefit of the flower, crystal and gem essences and essential oils and then add to that the sensory experience of soaking in warm water with the benefits magnesium to sooth aches and pains, the nourishing feeling of the organic ingredients and the coconut oil moisturising your skin. It is an indulgent way to take your vibrational medicines.

If you combine both Lakshmi dosage drops,
Lakshmi energy mist and / or bath bombs and salts, it will help to increase the vibrational effects of these medicines and assist in bringing about a faster more profound healing benefit.