Lakshmi PND Dosage Essences

Lakshmi PND Dosage Essences

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These Essences are to assist and support the mother and father in the forth trimester when, overwhelm, hormonal imbalances, lack of sleep and support can lead to postnatal depression (PND).

All parents go through a period of adjustment as they try to handle the huge changes a baby brings. For most people, this time of adjustment will be temporary and will not be overly distressing.

Many women experience the “baby blues” the first few days after having a baby.

The baby blues usually only last 2 to 3 days and you may feel teary, anxious and moody during that time.

The support of your partner, family and friends is usually enough to help you get through it.

When these feelings last beyond these early days and continue to get worse, it may be a sign of developing depression.

Postnatal depression is not limited to mothers. Fathers can have postnatal depression too, either along with their partner’s postnatal depression or by themselves.

Most people know that depression and anxiety can affect women during pregnancy and early parenthood, but men can also be at risk. Up to 1 in 10 new dads can experience depression during the pregnancy or after the birth.

Depression men is not necessarily the result of their partner experiencing similar feelings. Although PND in mums may indicate the dad having it too, it doesn’t always happen this way. 

Depression in new fathers can begin during the pregnancy and increase after the birth of the child.

New fathers don’t access the sort of services that new mothers do. They don’t tend to see their doctor, maternal and child health nurse or midwife, which is where problems are often picked up in women.

As with women, it’s important that depression in fathers is recognised and treated early and effectively.

This will help avoid long-term effects on the father’s mental health and his relationships with his partner, children, family and friends.

Some men may find that the changes to their home life and family structure are difficult to cope with. Traditional attitudes towards fatherhood and masculinity can mean that men are less likely to talk about how they feel. Worries about extra responsibilities, financial stresses and managing work can also have an effect.

Flower essences help by shifting the root cause of the emotion. For many mothers and fathers PND and its associated conditions are neurochemical imbalances. But flower essences and their associated affirmations can help create new neural pathways, allowing for new thought patterns and a shift in how your brain responds to those neurochemicals.

These flower essences can help by giving you hope, supporting your confidence and safely releasing any emotional blockages that are not serving you.

These Essences are supportive and should be used along side any counselling or medical intervention required. 

Guidance: Take 7 drops twice daily.

Size 30ml 

Ingredients: All organic, vegan and cruelty free ingredients of flower essences, liquid crystal and gem Essences, purified water and a small amount of organic brandy as a preservative. Reiki energy, love and intention. 

Please note:

The ideas and suggestions identified here are not intended in any way as a substitute for qualified medical advice. Consult a qualified medical practitioner in person for your health problems.
Vibrational Essences do not replace qualified medical assistance or medication required. If you have a physical illness or disease, they will complement and help that treatment on subtle body levels.