Fear to Thriving - Mindful Body Consciousnesses

  • The Lions Gate - A time for healing, growth and abundance.

    This is the time for radical healing as we are transmuting fear, anxiety, shame, pain, trauma, guilt, anger and judgement. It is a time to be brave but also gentle with ourself. We have been seeing our shadows come to the surface to be healed and transmuted into love and light, many of these dense energies may have been carried on from previous generations.
  • Stop Dating when you’re Healing

    Not only are we most likely going to hurt someone else we are ultimately hurting ourself in the process. Prolonging your healing journey does you no favours, you may be able to try and convince your mind that you’re ok and ready to put yourself out there, perhaps even adding that the right person coming along will in fact, assist in you healing, boosting your lack of self confidence, healing your insecurities, past wounds and healing your broken heart from a previous love lost. The reality is that you, most likely, will continue to have the same repeat relationship problems or issues arise, in any relationship you enter into while in this unhealed state.