Childhood blocks to our growth and ascension from fear to thriving.

Our childhood often leaves us seeking external validation for who we are, we were praised or rewarded for behaviours seen as good, leading us to recreate these behaviour patterns in adult life, seeking validation and praise from external sources.

While children do require guidance to learn structure, boundaries and how their behaviour or choices impact on themselves and others it is the internal conditioning that happens in childhood that keeps us looking outward that we are doing things the ‘right way’.

The education system continues this, standing out as different is seen in a negative light, ensuring to wear your uniform, wear your hair a certain way and like the same things as your peers all seen as positive and being praised for ‘good behaviour’ the goal.
We see stories of excellent students being expelled for dress code violations, wearing the wrong uniform, summer uniform in winter, pants instead of skirts, the wrong colour shoes an so on. While this may be rare it is a perfect example of how conditioned we are not to stand out, or express individuality, and how it is seen as better to keep small, and not to be seen for fear of rejection or punishment.

We start squashing our spirit and our soul at a very young age. We finish school, get a job, live a life that we’ve been shown is the ‘correct’ way to live.

However, inside you there is still a burning flame, even a tiny spark remaining, your soul screaming to be heard. But it’s covered in so many layers of conformity and so squashed that it can be difficult to be heard.

When we begin the inner work as an adult, no matter how privileged or traumatic our childhood has been, it is our duty to our higher self to begin analysing and breaking away from these conditionings, connecting to that inner spark and decide to live for ourself.

When we begin this work others are often shocked, annoyed and are quick to pass judgment. This is the point that we might retreat back and into the smaller version of ourself out of fear.

But once that spark is awakened, once you have tuned in to its knowledge and see the truth within you, you struggle to fit in, but you try. You try really hard not to upset the status quo, but you know it’s no good now.

Shedding layers and morphing into a new you, only it’s not new is it? It was you all along, just hidden deep deep down, you’re emerging from a life that you thought you knew into one of truth and love and light.

This can be a really lonely time for some, trying to find a new balance of fitting in and being true to yourself, you start with the people around you, you begin to show your authentic self, and express thoughts previously kept under wraps. Hopefully you are lucky and find these people light up with cries of “me too”, but many experience themself met with resistance. The people closest to you don’t get it. You’re rocking their comfort zone and views on how we should be, some will openly share that you are scaring them or that they prefer the old version of you better. So you withdraw.

It’s like you have a secret life on the inside, one that inspires, excites and scares you all at the same time. When you’re alone you’re happy. When you’re forced to confront your reality again it causes such conflict you feel sick.
This is where the loneliness lies, the straddling two dimensions. Entering the 5th dimension where light and energy, love and oneness exist, while you’re still anchored in the three dimensional world where it’s important you fit in and avoid being ‘weird’ or drawing too much attention and judgement.

Never fear though enlightened one, this loneliness is transitory. You’ve already opened a door to a new world where anything is possible and miracles happen.
This is a world you are eager to explore yet still finding your way, because reality as you know it has been blown away. Even the material things you once coveted or saw as necessary become meaningless.

Just like a river flowing from source to sea doesn’t stop flowing when it reaches the underground waterway and caverns where no one can see it, and continues its journey regardless. So too is our journey back to our authentic self.

There will come a time we have to make harder choices, who to we need to leave behind, which deep seated beliefs and values do we need to let go of?
This requires deep trust and bravery to let go of everything you thought you knew about living life and follow your intuition even when the road ahead is unclear and uncertain. Trusting that everything happens for a reason and you are the master of your own destiny, that your soul and universal spirit know what they’re doing and the universe will listen and provide for you exactly what you need when you need it.

During this time of profound change and shift, it is time rest a lot. Be gentle with yourself, spend time in nature, walk, read, listen to soft music, avoid conflict and just let yourself be.
Gather your spiritual toolkit, meditate, journal, practice yoga and breath-work, use your vibrational medicines, crystals and oils.

If you find yourself struggling, reach out to a trusted practitioner, coach or wise friend and remember this too shall pass. Don’t fight it, dance with it. Dance with your beautiful, amazing, powerful, magnificent, unique and quirky self.

You, and the universe are all you need and everything is going to be better than Ok.

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