Lakshmi Sundari Mist

Lakshmi Sundari Mist

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Lakshmi Sundari is for the soul concerned by world events; those who are fearful, pessimistic or feel as though one person cannot make a difference.

Lakshmi Sundari reawakens ones awareness of universal consciousness by reigniting the light within, guiding us to self awareness and reminding us to be adaptable and utilise our unique talents and capabilities.

Key Words

Releasing Fear - Universal Consciousness  - Illumination

Longer Description

With information so readily available at our fingertips, there is no shying away from world events and ecological disasters. Our desire to support our earth and the life it sustains for generations to come is an important one, however, the information and the way it is presented can leave many paralysed in fear, fear that society as a whole are not going to make the difference they feel is needed, fear that others may not care in the same way, fearful what, if anything they can do.

These types of fears roll over into many aspects of our lives. How often do we look at choices or coping mechanisms we use and realise that, while they used to serve us, we now use them more out of habit or subconsciously than we do consciously? These old coping mechanisms are no longer keeping us safe and are usually holding us back, and still, letting go of them feels quite terrifying and perhaps our logical mind reasons that without them we will loose control or end up back in an unsafe situation.

We as humans, use logic quite often to try and trick ourself into believing any changes required are now unsafe and we are better off staying small, being unseen, doing things the same way, leading to no change or improvement to the situation we are in.

Lakshmi Sundari has a gift of illuminating there areas and choices we are making that are not for our highest good, this means that we are left with the awareness of where we have been holding onto fear. We can then step out of fear and onto a path to thriving. Lakshmi Sundari will not affect your ability of free choice, and neither should anyone or anything, but she will leave you with the full awareness of you continue to use these outdated fear based reasonings logic or behaviours you do so with the full awareness there is a different option and you accept full responsibility to choosing the path you are on. 

If there ever was a time for fear based thinking, it is certainly no longer that time. Fear reduces our vibration and is known to lower immunity, we all know an unhealthy immune system is not a likely catalyst  for an abundant and happy life. 

Lakshmi Sundari is to guide us to step out of fear and into the Universal Consciousness that we are not alone and that if we live our best most fulfilled life we will know that everything is being taken care of, love and trust flow into your life and your own unique light and talents will shine brightly to inspire others to do the same. We are guided to also acknowledge we can not trick ourselves into believing we can inspire or truely live our best life if we are doing anything that could harm or damage another being, this awareness can certainly be confronting for some, and that is the gift Lakshmi Sundari offers, no matter what stage we are at in our own journey of awareness, we are left with the choice to step up into our magnificence or stay the same and then if we choose the same there is only acceptance that we had full control of the choice and accept the consequences. 

There is so much Lakshmi Sundari has to offer you and we know you will enjoy the gifts she shares.

Guidance: Shake well then mist into the air to clear indoor spaces and around the body to clear the aura and surrounding energy field.

Organic Vegan Ingredients: Flower Essences of  Scotch Broom, Calendula, Jacaranda, Tansy and Red Clover. Liquid crystal & Gem Essences of Lodestone, Sunstone and Gold and Essential Oils of Bergamot, Frankincense, Myrrh, Sandalwood and Geranium, Reiki Energy, Moon Elixir, Purified water and Brandy.