You are enough, be ordinary. From Fear to Thriving

We  enter into the human body to live, to experience the range of human emotions and sensations, and yet many end up in a competition to outshine each other, to outsmart, outdo and compare. Sadly, comparison and  envy is rife, within the “metaphysical / spiritual ” community.

Have you attended a workshop, sister circle or practice and found the subject of enlightenment popped up? Or know someone who likes to mention their own enlightenment 15 times within their first 5 minutes of meeting them? How do you feel? How do you sense others feel? Does it send off a red flag for you? Or just feel downright arrogant and annoying?

Perhaps this is because you have that quiet humble inner awareness that true enlightenment, comes from not seeking enlightenment at all. Being ordinary is the answer, being your best you at all times, and approaching life from a heart centred place with a desire to just live in harmony with yourself, your own environment and everything within it and experience it all. That is enough.

Ohso said “First go beyond the mind. Then go beyond enlightenment too. Don't get stuck anywhere until you are simply an ordinary part of the existence, with the trees, with the birds, with the animals, with the rivers, with the mountains.
You feel a deep harmony - no superiority, no inferiority.”

Let as all be our most vibrant and amazing ordinary self, do it your own way without any interest in how someone else does their ordinary unless it is to cheer them on with genuine joy and love, living in love and gratitude with a deep love for our body, our family, friends and anyone we meet, without superiority or inferiority but love. A deep love for the environment we live in and desire to ensure we are returning the favour back to the earth Mother who nurtures and keeps us alive in human form. Also for the universe and beyond.  You cannot cheat or lie your way out of living your life in a heart centred way. 
If you knowingly throw your bag of rubbish out your window, while driving on the highway on the way to work and try and pass that off as you living your most mindful love centred self, you know internally you are lying and therefore by lying you lower your vibration and Experience emotions such as guilt or shame,  lowers our vibrancy further and over time will create blockage and disease so therefore is not love towards ourself.

If we all approach life like this and, by doing so, inspired others to live In the same heart centred way and to connect back to the ordinary and be in the now, In each moment without expectation of an outcome, envisage  what sort of world could we create. Now you have created that image, next time you find yourself overthinking, worrying or unsure, connect back to your heart bring up that vision in your mind and you will k pe the next move or choice you need to make, because you are trusting your heart to keep you on your ordinary path. If we all just were “ordinary”.
It sounds too simple to be the answer but why over complicate it? I’ll let you ponder on it and how that looks for you.

With live and gratitude from my ordinary life to yours, 

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