Christmas Hamper 3

Christmas Hamper 3

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3 x Lakshmi Emotional Support Mists of your choice (or we can choose for you). Please note which 3 Mists you would like to have included in your hamper in your cart notes at checkout, or leave blank and we will select 3 for you. We have listed our Mists below:

Lakshmi Āyāta - I am Abundance. Attracting abundance in all areas of life, letting go and new beginnings.

Lakshmi Zen - I am calming big moods, sensory overload and assisting integration of information and concentration.

Lakshmi Praryāptiḥ - I am for time of trauma, shock and sudden illness, to return to grounded breathing, calm and soothing shock.

Lakshmi Amala - I am clearing negative energy and protection. Clearing and protecting from unwanted energies and attachments.

Lakshmi Nidrā - I am for assistance with Sleep, deep relaxation or meditation.

Lakshmi Ahimsa - I am for clear and open communication, for moments of low self worth, anger and stress restoring calm and clarity.

Lakshmi Goddess - I am for cycles of change, moon cycles, women’s cycles, moods and connection to the Goddess energy.

Lakshmi Saṃsāra - I am for those grieving or suffering the dark night of the soul, returning light and love while holding space and love for self and others. Also for clearing generational and ancestral patterns, personal power and growth.

Lakshmi Ojas - I am to support a healthy immune system, calming the sympathetic nervous system and protecting from environmental threats.

Lakshmi Varivovid - I am to assist the body to handle the difficulties allergies, asthma and hayfever place on the physical body including enduring the intensity of pollen in the air during spring and summer months.

Lakshmi White Sage - I am to assist clear away accumulated negativity in your physical and auric space and leave you feeling vibrant, free, calm, safe and protected.

Lakshmi Sundari - I am for the soul concerned by world events; those who are fearful, pessimistic or feel as though one person cannot make a difference. I reawaken ones awareness of universal consciousness by reigniting the light within.

1 x Lakshmi Christmas Cookie Fizzy Bath Salts

1 x Lakshmi Shower Donut of your choice (we can choose for you). Please also note which shower donut  you would like to have included in your hamper in your cart notes at checkout, or leave blank and we will select 1 for you. Our shower donuts are in the same options as the list of mists above. 

Express Shipping / delivery within Australia is included in this price. 

* Not included is our amazing wreath from The Old Barn Flower Farm.