Lakshmi Newborn Dosage Essences

Lakshmi Newborn Dosage Essences

Κανονική τιμή
Τιμή έκπτωσης
Κανονική τιμή
Τιμή μονάδας
Ο φόρος συμπεριλαμβάνεται.

Lakshmi Newborn Essences welcome and hold the newborn soul in a loving and protected space for those early weeks outside the womb.

This dosage essence has been crafted to support the newborn and clear any shock or trauma that may occur during the birthing process.
These essences also clear negative ancestral ties as well as providing auric protection and assists the newly born to anchor their lightbody into their physical bodies and also into Mother Earth’s heart chakra. 

Guidance: The essences can be placed on the mother’s nipple at the first feed and topically on the baby’s fontanelle soon after birth. This blend of essences are then used for the first two weeks postpartum by placing 2-3 drops on the fontanelle once a day and seven drops in the baby’s bath water.

This mixture can also be put on the child's lips, temples, pulse points, heart region, belly and feet or wherever one intuitively feels is needed for their baby. Several (2-4) drops of this mixture can also be put directly into the child's mouth if this is a convenient method that the child accepts. It is best to use the essences in an interval at least several minutes before feeding in order to allow the full vibrational impact of the essences to take hold.

As with all our dosage Essences these can also be used for animals and in this case newborn animals.

Size 30ml 

Ingredients: All organic, vegan and cruelty free ingredients of flower essences, liquid crystal and gem Essences, purified water and a small amount of organic brandy as a preservative. Reiki energy, love and intention. 

All ingredients are safe for pregnancy, breastfeeding, infants, adults and animals. 

Please note:

The ideas and suggestions identified here are not intended in any way as a substitute for qualified medical advice. Consult a qualified medical practitioner in person for your health problems.
Vibrational Essences do not replace qualified medical assistance or medication required. If you have a physical illness or disease, they will complement and help that treatment on subtle body levels.