When blood is not thicker than water - From Fear to Thriving

Sometimes common quotes and old sayings can really add pain to peoples lives. The commonly used quote “Blood is thicker than water” is one that can leave many wishing this was true for them, or left wondering why their family might not feel this way.

When we delve into the origin of this saying, we will find this actually comes from the saying: “The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.” Which  actually means that blood shed in battle, bonds soldiers more strongly than simple genetics. Although it’s more commonly used to suggest the strength of family ties, it doesn’t refer to family at all.

Have you have ever noticed when we experience something traumatic with others it creates a bond, the same too when we meet people with similar trauma or experiences as us.
When we consider this saying in its full context, suddenly we realise these bonds we create with others are often more profound than the attachment we may feel with our birth family.
This does not mean we don’t love our birth family or want to be loved but in its correct context the truth may assist taking away the sting when we hear the incorrect quote “blood is thicker than water.” Generational trauma and patterns are very real and painful but we can all learn, grow and do the work to create a better future for ourselves and our children for generations to come.

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