The Lions Gate - A time for healing, growth and abundance.

The past few months have been intense to say the least. We have experienced some radical planetary retrogrades, and are witness to the worlds shakeup and wakeup.

As a collective we are calling in change, a new connected way of living and to experience more love in this reality.

But first, we must be grounded and we must want this for ourselves. Remember, our passions and our purpose go hand in hand.
Your purpose is needed in this moment of life more than ever, it is time to step into the light, let go of fear and step out of the Spiritual Closet. This Lion’s Gate gives you the perfect opportunity to go out there and rise.

Every year from July 28th until August 12th, the Lion’s Gate opens with its peak on 8/8.

This is where the Sun is in magnificent Leo and we witness the star Sirius moving closer to Earth, which is seen in alignment with Orion’s belt. We also find the Sun, Sirius, and Orion’s belt in alignment with the Egyptian Pyramids of Giza. The synchronicity is not lost when we remember the Golden age of Egypt was also the Golden age of Leo during which the Egyptians worshiped a lion-like goddess named Sekhmet, the goddess of fire and revenge, a daughter of Ra, the sun god. This is the point where the Earth’s in alignment with the Galatic Center of the Universe. This allows the powerful portal of the Lions Gate to be an energetic acceleration for our awakening.

This is the opportunity for the radiant light of the Central Sun to flow through our already powerful Leo Sun to create new and powerful codes of light within each of us to anchor in more love and more abundance.

In numerology 8 is a powerful manifestation number, the number of power, money, and abundance. Use this powerful day of 8/8 as the opportunity to check if things working in your favour when it comes to your money and financial goals, it is your opportunity to change the way you look at your money. We all have the opportunity to manifest our desires into the physical realm, so be honest and aware of your thoughts and beliefs during this time.

This is the time for radical healing as we are transmuting fear, anxiety, shame, pain, trauma, guilt, anger and judgement. It is a time to be brave but also gentle with ourself. We have been seeing our shadows come to the surface to be healed and transmuted into love and light, many of these dense energies may have been carried on from previous generations.

We are being guided to commit to the Lions Gate and in turn experience emotional freedom. We are urged at this time to take action and do what we know we need to be doing, to have an honest look at our daily practices. Commit to using this powerful time to create a daily meditation practice and during this practice, check in with your guides and ask your team what you specifically need to clear and heal at this time.

This is your time to be brave, most of the times we hold onto what no longer serves because it’s “comfortable.” We can be scared to move out of our comfort zones because we fear the unknown. But, this is the time to take the risk and step into the unknown, to allow your destiny to unfold. Keep your heart and mind focused on love and where you want to be and allow the Universe to help you out without your ego stipulating, when, where or how it must be done.

This is the opportunity to be courageous as you set your intentions and open your heart. Many light beings are so used to being givers, that we may have a hard time receiving. But the information coming in from the Universe is quite simple, if we cannot receive the love that is coming our way, it is impossible to give authentic and powerful love to the world. Be open and willing to receive the love that is coming in. As you allow yourself to receive and anchor in this energy, you are able to give it out to the world. We can only give what we have, so to love authentically, you can give because you know that there is an abundant amount of love and there is no problem to share and sprinkle love wherever you go.

You will find yourself speaking and living your authentic truth as you reacquaint with your inner Lion, your light, your passions, and the Love of which you are.

If you feel you need some support or guidance at this time regarding the emotional supportive vibrational medicines we offer please reach out, we would love to hear from you.

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