Emotional Triggers and Physical Symptoms

When our system becomes out of balance due to stress or a hectic lifestyle, it often shows up as dis-ease in the body.

But did you know that unresolved emotional issues can also show up as physical symptoms and sensations in the body? 

If you have checked into the physical aspects, including any testing that may be required and ruled out existing disease, if you have made lifestyle changes, a healthy and nutritionally balanced lifestyle, drink lots of clean filtered water, look after your physical wellbeing and are puzzled by reoccurring pain, symptomatic illness or vague and bizarre on and off again issues maybe it’s time to be open to exploring stuck or withheld unprocessed emotions in your body.

It seems like an obvious one, but this is often overlooked. We feel emotions in our bodies; we don’t think them. Sensations felt in the body can all have emotional roots. Just as we experience useful physical messages such as hunger, thirst and tiredness, that we interpret and respond to accordingly, we also experience emotional sensations, these are equally important messages that are a signal of our needs; however, we often wrongly interpret or deny them. 

Physical causes of illness share similar symptoms to emotional causes. For example sore throats, pain, cramping, tightness, heaviness, and spasm can all be caused by emotional triggers, so too can unexplained weight gain or loss.

Emotional symptoms tend to fluctuate with emotional stress although they are usually recurring in their symptoms. When they become more constant and physically debilitating, we often misinterpret these emotional blockages and sensations as a physical health problem and seek help from health practitioners.

Medical practitioners are particularly trained to exclude serious pathology and therefore look for serious health issues. Tests are performed and if they come back negative, we can be left thinking, “It’s all in my head.”

If this has happened to you, you are NOT alone, it isn’t in your head and you are not going crazy, nor are you a hypochondriac or any other negative label you might ponder to try decipher what is happening within your physical body.

These symptoms just are NOT indicating a physical breakdown, it’s an emotional trigger that needs exploring.

Now this is the fun part, but also the part that many of us have not learnt to use in childhood or even as adults, unless we are in a field where these topics are openly discussed and explored.

First of all we need to bring mindful awareness to our body, meaning we need to place our attention on the experience without rejecting, criticising or analysing it. 

This in itself is not always easy, it may be useful to find someone we trust as a practitioner or close trusted friend to facilitate this exploration and  who can remind us to bring our focus back from criticism or judgment of ourself and our reactions and continue observing the emotions openly. This means slowing down and approaching the experience with curiosity, kindness and self love. This ability to mindfully approach our withheld pain, trauma or emotions with deep love allows the message and meaning of the emotion trapped in the body to be discovered.

Once deeply understood and connected to, the emotion loosens its grip and usually finds its own way out of the body. But be aware that the only way to get over a feeling is to feel it.  We often just need someone to provide guidance and support on how best to do that.

Within Lakshmi Lips practice facilitating and holding space for others it is my honour to observe this process and also personally in my own experience to have someone hold space for this process is a deep and profound gift. This is especially true if you don’t have a support system in place or are the first of your circle to step into this awareness and break these cycles of emotional pain and generational patterns and bonds.

Along with channeled guidance of how the Lakshmi Emotional Support Mists assist, it is always a treasure to hear firsthand when others share their profound and often life changing experiences using our Lakshmi vibrational medicines with me.

Over the coming weeks I will share posts, which I have been given permission to share, with experiences of people who have found enlightened awareness of their own withheld emotions by incorporating Lakshmi products in their every day life. We will also delve more deeply into the connection between withheld emotions and dis-ease.

We hope you have enjoyed reading and thank you for your time for doing so.

With gratitude, love and universal abundance,



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